Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

Why Epoxy Garage Floor Paint?

When deciding on your garage flooring, you may want to consider epoxy garage floor paint. Using paint on garage floors, it’s easy to put a nice, shiny coat on your garage flooring, making it easier to clean and also more attractive. If the floor has already been coated and that coating has either worn off or is now undesirable for whatever reason, than paint can be a good option for your garage floors. Most of these garage flooring paints can be used Garage floor paint to top other sealants or paints, providing they are clean and free of any contaminants. As epoxy is fairly thick, there’s usually no need for color matching or anything of the sort.

Time To Install Epoxy Paint

Including preparation, many epoxy paint kits can take as little as three hours to apply. This is comparable to other solutions for garage floors, like tile or mats, yet is quite a bit more permanent. Also, this estimate is for a normal garage. If your garage is quite large, then expect the process to take longer, of course.

Preparing For Painting

Before the epoxy coating can be laid down, the concrete must be prepared to the paint kit manufacturers specifications. Even if the floor is brand new, this still holds true. There’s no point in laying down a nice, new layer of paint only for it to not last as long or have a shoddy finish because the concrete wasn’t prepared correctly.

Epoxy Floor Paint And Your New Concrete

If the concrete is new, there is another set of conditions that must be observed. You can generally tell if concrete is new by the color; if it’s very dark, then it’s new, even if you can’t carve your initials into it. Most coatings for garage floors want at least thirty days from the time it was laid before you put down their paint, though that will vary, so you’ll want to check your manual. If you’re not sure, try to get in touch with the contractor that laid the floor. If that’s not an option, you could always wait thirty days from the time you first saw the floor, just to be sure. It will have to be prepped and cleaned no matter what is on it, even if it looks like there’s nothing, so there’s no harm is using it for storage or cars until the thirty days has passed.