Thu. Jul 2nd, 2020

Android Apps: Save Your Cell’s Battery! Advanced Task Killer to the Rescue!

Okay Boys and Girls, have you experienced problems getting your battery pack on your HTC Incredible (or any other Android-based mobile phone for that matter) to last throughout the day? I have undoubtedly! I frequently have to charge my battery pack two or even three times in a single day, especially if I’m utilizing a lot of online or Internet-based programs.

As soon as I recognized this was going to be an on-going situation for me, I began to lookup the net for things that I could do to boost my battery’s efficiency. I remembered the way my Blackberry mobile phones would leave apps open in the background that I was required to manually shut down, and that i assumed that my own Incredible was exactly the same way, only it’s software didn’t have many ‘exit’ or even ‘close’ buttons usually.

In came Advanced Task Killer! This could possibly be by far the most Beneficial application I’ve ever installed! It positions a small Android figure inside the top status bar of your mobile phone so that you know it’s performing. You can open up your notification screen by simply starting at the top of the screen and swiping straight down when you see the status bar, and after that click on the ATK line to open the software program. You could very well be surprised about the many applications you’ve running in the background which can be apparently started randomly because of your Android-based device. As an example, on my cell phone, I killed seventeen applications while writing this in order to lengthen my battery life. For some reason, the devices start applications to maintain them operating without anyone’s knowledge, even though you haven’t utilized all of them. For example, my cellular phone keeps my Google Maps and my Skype applications continually running despite the fact that I’ve never used Skype and I utilize the maps possibly once every 2-3 weeks.

The very best feature of the application, however, is in what it really will do for you on auto-pilot: Go into the settings menu and scroll right down to the ‘Auto Kill Frequency’ and touch that with your finger. You can actually set up ATK to automatically get rid of any un-used apps at whichever interval you’d like. I have mine set to get rid of the applications just about every half-hour, however, you may set it for longer or shorter amounts of time. Another function that you could set is referred to as the ‘Ignore List.’ Using this selection, you’re able to tell ATK to not kill specific applications because they need to stay running. I’ve set mine to never kill ‘Angry Birds’ due to the fact I’m keen on the game so much.


Being a top download within the free apps category of the Android Marketplace, this app is very easy for everyone to find, and it’s probably the most practical behind-the-scenes apps a person can place in your mobile phone. It’s cut my own battery usage by 50 percent, which means I’ve far more up-time with my cell phone than I ever before would have without it. Without question, I’d recommend it to a person with an HTC Incredible OR any other Android-based cellular phone.